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これからも この惑星中の人たちを魅了し続けることに、自分の総てを捧げたい。

Today (April 2nd) marks the 13 year anniversary since I first began this company.

(as the division of Sony Pictures Entertainment in the beginning.)

I am very proud that we have stayed in business for so long. And I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful staff. Thank you all so much!

As a Hollywood studio with a long history, the decision to 

start a new mobile internet business raised many eyebrows at first.

When I first started exploring the possibilities of this media, the

Internet was much less advanced than it is now. In those days, people had devices with three-inch screens that struggled to send a single wall-paper image.

But the prospect was exciting too. Being able to watch content on one’s phone – not at a movie theater, not at home, but on one’s phone while taking a stroll - was like a sci-fi movie.

And the rest is history. We’ve gone from flip phones to smartphones, from cable to Wi-Fi, from searching to sharing. These days, smartphones are almost like a remote control for our lives.

Nobody in the film or TV industries had considered that first-rate art and new creators would spring up through this media. But we believed in our vision. I constantly met with unknown creators and collaborated with them to make great works.

I’ve now brought the world all kinds of amazing creations through online media.

I'm going to keep wowing people all over the planet with great

works. The best is yet to come!

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