January 31, 2017

Interview: “VR is the first media that can publish Experience” Atsushi Fukuda

Interview: "VR is the first media that can publish Experience"

I was thinking about what will happen when we reach a singularity (the day when the capabilities of machines and artificial intelligence exceed those of humans). In fact, the same type of thing happened in the past in the industrial revolution.

At the end of the 19th century (1900), 80% of the population of America were agricultural workers. 100 years later at the end of the 20th century (2000), only 0.2% of the population were agricultural
workers, yet the amount of grain produced annually was a few hundred times more than that of 100 years ago. This doesn’t mean that all of those agricultural workers were fired of course. It means that as time passed those people shifted into other jobs.

The same kind of thing is now happening at an incredibly fast rate with advancements in ICT (Information and Communications Technology).
As a result of services such as Uber and Airbnb which provide services that cut out the middleman (people still need to move around but don’t need taxis, and they still need places to stay but don’t need hotels),
there is no more need for indirect services as people can now access markets directly from their smartphones.
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After we reach a singularity, humans will need to do the things that only humans can do. So no matter how far technology develops, I believe people will still need my specialist field of entertainment content creation.

So, when I was thinking of how to use VR in my own characteristic way,
I came up with the idea of creating artwork drawn by the human hand yet with higher precision than is available with computer graphics.
That’s why I started this new gallery, "VR Art".
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Interviewer: "B-maga" Magazine
Composition: Chizuko Fukuda, Photography: Yukiko Koshima

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