January 13, 2017

講演『SNSを活用して、人に夢を与える モデルになれ』 福田淳

いま スマホ、ドローン、人工知能(AI)など、いろんな新しいテクノロジーがでてきますが、それらが人間の仕事に取って代わるのかっていうと、必ずしもそうはならない。ある種の仕事はなくなると思うんですけど、僕らはより人間味あふれる知的なところにシフトしていけばいいんです。




講演『SNSを活用して、人に夢を与える モデルになれ』

 “Modeling isn’t just about your appearance – it’s about what’s inside and the way you live your life too. Every part of you must project true beauty in this job.
So while we have all this new technology like smartphones, drones and AI, these are not necessarily going to replace people’s jobs. I think some jobs will disappear, but I think we need to shift to areas that require intelligence of a more human nature.
I’d say the areas that are the most intelligent in that way are those
that cannot be replaced by a robot. It’s the way humans love each
other, the way we laugh, the way we get angry.
I think these are extremely human things.
A model’s job is to show people a dream, so I think it would be
interesting if we could use these tools (social media) to show
ourselves in a more personal, human way.”
From the presentation Use Social Media to Become a Model Who Gives People a Dream.
The 1st Satoru Japan Social Media Class
Date: July 26, 2016 (Tue.)
Venue: Pro Model Studio (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)
(Only Japanese)

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