November 03, 2016

「ウアモウと大きな毛むくじゃらの怪物」 Ayako Takagi at VR Gallery by Sony Digital Entertainment

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I’m happy to announce that Ayako Takagi created new VR art! 
Please come over to the VR Gallery in Asagaya.
Title: Uamou and the Big Hairy Monster, 
HTC VIVE - Google Tilt brush ver7. October ,2016
brought to you by Sony Digital Entertainment
Looking for his friends, Uamou wandered upon a world of infinite darkness.
Lost in his travels he comes across a very big monster with long hair and a luggish posture.
The big hairy monster had no kindness in his heart and used his terrifying magic powers to confine Uamou into a two-dimensional plane.
From his confinement Uamou looked around and discovers that many of his friends had been captured as well.
Just when all seemed lost, a bright light reveals large mysterious eye gazing fiercely into the darkness. It was from the midst of the eye that a confident, more experienced Uamou appeared.
It was Uamou from the future, here to free everybody from the monster's dreaded curse.


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