April 02, 2016

Today, Sony Digital Entertainment is celebrating the 11th anniversary

Today, Sony Digital Entertainment is celebrating the 11th anniversary since we started from Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2005; and 9th anniversary for Sony Digital Entertainment its self.

The reason, why I established the company on the April 2nd was, in this way people will think "it is a true not a fool".
Talking about our business, simply this is considered to be a long life in field of the internet market. In the glory days of i-mood we launched and smartphone business was rapidly grown after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I know only a few companies could overleap the presto change of the mobile market.
However, more important thing to me is whatever this company has grown on a canvas deeply and thickly with what I imaged before.

It is taking years of time to make people happy with entertainment. 
Even a small LINE sticker can cheer up people or giving a big laugh watching a Hikakin’s YouTube "DORAEMON" or a travel experience after vising the Plant Hunter Seijun Nishihata’s "Ultra Plant’ Exhibition" or exciting moment with a first real art in hands with Suiboku (Japanese traditional brash painting) Artist Shuko Tsuchiya’s charity show "Sugar-Coated Fighting Fish" or feeling of the great days of school after reading of Tomoko Fuyukawa’s comic "Mustard Chocolate" or being warm to others after touched by Mariko Kikuta’s book "Happy Relay". I would love to continue to make people expanding their happiness by creating works of art and entertainment. 

I believe my work can be done by only me not a robot.

Atsushi Fukuda
Sony Digital Entertainment Inc.

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