April 16, 2017

映画『ドラえもん のび太の南極カチコチ大冒険』x 東京メトロ サンクスイベント


東京メトロ サンクスイベント
映画『ドラえもん のび太の南極カチコチ大冒険』
(企画:Sony Digital Entertainment)






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Star Wars: Rogue One ; Jakarta Exhibition feat. Ninja Ink


Star Wars: Rogue One Exhibition
Place: Pacific Place Jakarta🇮🇩
Term: 28 November 2016 – 8 January 2017.
Client: Disney
Planning: Sony Digital Entertainment
Using 'Ninja Ink'
Result: 1,531 posts on Instagram.



↑Ninja Ink by Sony Digital Entertainment


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『ぶらり途中下車の旅』(日本テレビ系列)x VR GALLERY by Sony Digital Entertainment


土曜の朝の人気番組『ぶらり途中下車の旅』(日本テレビ系列 3月18日放送)にて
VR GALLERY (by Sony Digital Entertainment)に ぶらりと立ち寄ってくれた!




そして 関口 愛美の手ほどきでVRアートを体験。




VR GALLERYの予約はこちらまで!


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April 03, 2017











これからも この惑星中の人たちを魅了し続けることに、自分の総てを捧げたい。

Today (April 2nd) marks the 13 year anniversary since I first began this company.

(as the division of Sony Pictures Entertainment in the beginning.)

I am very proud that we have stayed in business for so long. And I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful staff. Thank you all so much!

As a Hollywood studio with a long history, the decision to 

start a new mobile internet business raised many eyebrows at first.

When I first started exploring the possibilities of this media, the

Internet was much less advanced than it is now. In those days, people had devices with three-inch screens that struggled to send a single wall-paper image.

But the prospect was exciting too. Being able to watch content on one’s phone – not at a movie theater, not at home, but on one’s phone while taking a stroll - was like a sci-fi movie.

And the rest is history. We’ve gone from flip phones to smartphones, from cable to Wi-Fi, from searching to sharing. These days, smartphones are almost like a remote control for our lives.

Nobody in the film or TV industries had considered that first-rate art and new creators would spring up through this media. But we believed in our vision. I constantly met with unknown creators and collaborated with them to make great works.

I’ve now brought the world all kinds of amazing creations through online media.

I'm going to keep wowing people all over the planet with great

works. The best is yet to come!

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March 17, 2017

2014年のアカデミー賞ノミネート映画『キューティ―&ボクサー』のキューティこと篠原乃り子がギュウちゃんとの成りそめをeコミック化【Cutie and B—】




【Cutie and B—】
配信:Kindle/ iBooks

今晩(2017年3月17日18-20時)、阿佐ヶ谷のVR GALLERYで出版記念パーティやるよ!! 

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March 13, 2017


Ushio Shinohara solo exhibition 'Boxing Explosion on My Painting!'

— I do my Boxing Paintings from right to left, bam bam. I don’t think at all about composition or nuances of paint handling. The speed of punching with boxing gloves on both hands with paint on them must coincide with the speed of thinking. Therefore, thinking becomes very limited. The hands are faster. So my hands lead my thoughts, not the other way around.

Gyu-chan!(Ushio Shinohara) was born in Tokyo in 1932. 

He started his artistic career by participating in the Yomiuri Independent exhibition in 1955, while studying at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 1960s, during a social turmoil after the World War II, he was among a group of artists that formed the "Neo-Dadaism Organizers" where they agitated art and his works overturned common sense. As he took a leading role in the group, he enthusiastically showed his work Coca-Cola Plan (1966) under the same title Coca-Cola Plan by Robert Rauschenberg and Drink More (1964), also under the same title by Jasper Jones in a series of Imitation Art. Much discussed works from his Oiran Series that vibrantly painted faceless Japanese high-class courtesans were presented one after another with a mixture of his distinctive view of Japanese tradition and the expression inspired by American Pop Art.

Term: 2017/03/11 (Sat) – 04/22 (Sat)

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January 31, 2017

Interview: “VR is the first media that can publish Experience” Atsushi Fukuda

Interview: "VR is the first media that can publish Experience"

I was thinking about what will happen when we reach a singularity (the day when the capabilities of machines and artificial intelligence exceed those of humans). In fact, the same type of thing happened in the past in the industrial revolution.

At the end of the 19th century (1900), 80% of the population of America were agricultural workers. 100 years later at the end of the 20th century (2000), only 0.2% of the population were agricultural
workers, yet the amount of grain produced annually was a few hundred times more than that of 100 years ago. This doesn’t mean that all of those agricultural workers were fired of course. It means that as time passed those people shifted into other jobs.

The same kind of thing is now happening at an incredibly fast rate with advancements in ICT (Information and Communications Technology).
As a result of services such as Uber and Airbnb which provide services that cut out the middleman (people still need to move around but don’t need taxis, and they still need places to stay but don’t need hotels),
there is no more need for indirect services as people can now access markets directly from their smartphones.
(Partially omitted)
After we reach a singularity, humans will need to do the things that only humans can do. So no matter how far technology develops, I believe people will still need my specialist field of entertainment content creation.

So, when I was thinking of how to use VR in my own characteristic way,
I came up with the idea of creating artwork drawn by the human hand yet with higher precision than is available with computer graphics.
That’s why I started this new gallery, "VR Art".
(Japanese text only)

Interviewer: "B-maga" Magazine
Composition: Chizuko Fukuda, Photography: Yukiko Koshima

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January 28, 2017



だからVRも、新しいコンテンツを生み出すことによって それに相応しいメディアの地位を得るものと信じている。』
K.I.T.虎ノ門大学院での講演『モダンアート、デジタルエンタテインメントとVRの融合』より (2016/11/9)

"Technological innovation evolves through the infinite amount of
content that is created after technological development.
8mm film enabled anyone to become a film director without the need of
becoming gofer to an assistant director in a major film studio.
The Walkman enabled people to listen to music while running, without
needing to bring a full orchestra to your garden.
That’s why I believe that creating new content for VR will give
related media the position it deserves."

From speech entitled "Fusion of Modern Art, Digital Entertainment and
VR" at K.I.T. Toranomon Graduate School (November 9, 2016).

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【TOF☆Hello Kitty】(トフ☆ハローキティ)」 成田空港にハローキティのフォトスポット作ったぁ!

ファイル 2017-01-28 10 02 06

【TOF☆Hello Kitty】(トフ☆ハローキティ)」
(English below)

プランニング:ソニー・デジタル エンタテインメント
・成田国際空港 第2ターミナル 3階出発ロビー SKYRIUM周辺
・成田国際空港 第1ターミナル 4階 南ウイング出発ロビーGカウンター後方

期間:2017年1月27日〜2月14日 (旧正月)

新技術(TOF- トフ)は、人や壁、地面などの物体の距離を計測、その空間に合わせた3Dアニメーションの表示、人のポーズを認識しポーズに沿った演出の表示、人の輪郭を切り出し、背景を活かしたまま人物を透明にしたり、複数に分裂させたりして表示、といったことが可能

【TOF☆Hello Kitty】
We made a Hello Kitty photo spot in Narita Airport! Drop by for a picture!

Planning: Sony Digital Entertainment
Target: Tourists from China
・Narita International Airport Terminal 2: Near SKYRIUM in the 3rd
floor departure lobby
・Narita International Airport Terminal 1: Behind counter G in the 4th
floor south wing departure lobby

Period: January 27th to February 14th, 2017 (Chinese New Year)
Time: 08:30 to 18:30
Cost: Free
Details: Visitors can take selfies by matching the same pose as the
ninja Hello Kitty, and their image is shown on the display either as a
transparent "Ninja Art of Camouflage" or split into three people as a
"Shadow Cloning Technique". Visitors can then download the pictures
onto their smartphones from a QR code.

System: Time of Flight (TOF) technology that enables
distance to be measured from a camera installed in a huge monitor
screen brings users into an entirely new world of photography.
The new TOF technology measures the distance to an object such as
person, wall or ground, and then generates a 3D animation within the
space between the object and screen. The technology can recognize the
person’s pose and display images that match the pose, or cut out
around the contour of the object and utilize the background to make
the object appear transparent or split it into multiple copies.


成田机场变身忍者Kitty - 林萍在日本的秒拍视频 

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インタビュー『VRは“体験”をパブリッシュできる初めてのメディア』 福田淳

「シンギュラリティ (機械やAIが人の能力を超える日)になったらどうなるのか考えてみました。実はすでに過去の産業革命で同じようなことが起きているんです。
19世紀初頭(1900年)にアメリカの農業従事者は、人口の80パーセントを占めていた。100年後の21世紀(2000年)には、たった0.2パーセントしかいなくなっていました。作られる穀物の数は当時の何百倍も増えているんですよ。だからって、農業従事者たちが みんなクビになっちゃったのかっていうと、そんなことはない。なだらかな時間の流れの中で別の仕事にシフトしていった。


そこで、自分らしいVRの活用方法がないか考えたら、人間が手描きしたものを コンピューターグラフィックスよりも精度が高い作品として残すことじゃないかというアイディアが浮かび、"VRアート"しかないだろうということで今回ギャラリーを始めました」

聞き手: 雑誌「B-maga」
構成:Chizuko Fukuda
撮影:越間 有紀子

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